Tips And Tricks For Photographing Babies And Children

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Photography is an art form and when you are photographing babies and children, there are many tips and tricks you must remember in order to be successful. Babies don’t know how to pose for the camera yet and children are usually hesitant around strangers, so it’s important to let them be as natural as possible and have fun with the photo shoot.

Photography Background

If you choose to use a photo background, make sure you take into consideration the color of it as compared to what you’re having the parents dress the kids in. If there is a significant clash, the only thing you will be able to do is make it black and white. If you don’t have a lot of resources for backgrounds, you can use seamless background paper. The background paper must be seamless to avoid problems in Photoshop or other photo editing software later on. If you’re photographing around the holidays, you may even want to get a blue screen. This is very affordable and lets you have an endless supply of backgrounds once you get the photos onto the computer.

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If you plan on shooting outdoors, try to keep your photo shoots to before noon, otherwise the sun will lead to bad shadows. If you have no choice, then make sure someone is out there to hold a reflector for you. When at all possible, try to use natural light. The photos will come out crisp and clear and parents will be more likely to buy the photographs.


Babies and children are very hard to pose, so once you get them remotely where you want them, don’t try to be too pushy. Keep your finger close to the shutter release and capture every movement so that you will be able to capture their natural expressions much better. If you’re photographing very young ones, don’t be too obtrusive with the lens otherwise they will frighten easily. Distract them with little toys that you have clamped to you or the tripod. You may have to be the child’s advocate. Many parents try to get their kids to do stuff they don’t want to do and you’re left with a fussy child. Try to shield the child from this and avoid too many costume changes and props in one photo shoot.

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Don’t shoot standing up unless the children are high up, too. Get down to their level so that you can catch the twinkle in their eye. Squatting down or even laying down can make for the best photos because you’re on their level -literally. Most importantly, talk to the children so that they feel comfortable. Once they are comfortable, the photographs will be much better, too.

Changing it Up

Don’t be afraid to change up the scenery a little bit. If you’re shooting outdoors, walk around a little bit. Change up the backgrounds in order to grab the children’s attention a little more. The best photographs may end up being with the children interacting with nature. If you are indoors, make sure to try some different poses. Babies don’t just have to have their faces photographed. They have cute everything so take advantage of it. Children can do a number of poses, so capture what they love to do.

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