5 Best Tips for an Awesome Photo Booth Backdrop

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Photo Booth Backdrops The photo booth is back, and it’s come a long way since the days of the dime store model that spit out a strip of four B&W head shots. While that type of vintage photo booth can bring a fun and retro vibe to an occasion, modern photo booths are capable of so much more. The photo booths of today shoot in full color and are outfitted with high-tech touchscreen displays. They use the latest in high resolution photo printing technology, and some even have the ability to take high-definition videos.

With all of these new innovations, it shouldn’t surprise you that photo booth backdrops have come a long way as well. Photo booths of old usually came with just one solid color sheet; today, the sky’s the limit. Why not have numerous backdrop styles on hand to satisfy any taste or preference? The following are some of the most popular and eye-catching photo booth backdrop choices available today:

1. Dazzle Them With Sequins

Sequin-encrusted backdrops are, by far, one of the favorite photo booth backdrops. Sequin backdrops work great for any type of party or formal event; they’re also ideal for dances and weddings. These backdrops shimmer like glitter and give a glamorous, sophisticated yet fun party vibe. Dazzle your photo booth clients with sequined backdrops in silver, gold, raspberry, teal, red, purple, pink and black.

Photo Booth BackdropsFeaturing: Gold Sequin Fabric Backdrop

2. Go Retro with Patterned Collapsible Backdrops

Another fun and energizing photo booth backdrop choice is the retro collapsible backdrop. These patterned backdrops offer throwback and vintage looks that are perfect for creating a stylish and festive atmosphere. Their collapsible feature allows for extremely easy setup and teardown, and they’re excellent for use in smaller spaces.

Photo Booth BackdropsFeaturing: Retro Red Collapsible Backdrop

3. Solid-Color Seamless Paper

Brightly-colored seamless paper is another popular and versatile backdrop choice for photo booths. You can choose your favorite bold colors or find one that’s perfect for each specific party theme. Solid color seamless paper backdrops can be easily paired with fun prop sets, hats and other accessories for a truly memorable photo booth experience. Browse Pinterest for lots of great photo booth inspiration and ideas.

Photo Booth BackdropsPhoto Courtesy of Nicole Klym Photography

4. Creative Patterned Backdrops

Patterned backdrops are another excellent photo booth option when you want a fun, creative party vibe. Patterned backdrop choices include damask, chevron, polka-dots, stripes, and much more. Whether the event is a birthday gathering, New Year’s party, wedding or luau, you’re sure to be able to find a patterned backdrop to complement any party theme.

Photo Booth BackdropsFeaturing: Brown Lattice Printed Backdrop

5. Unlimited Options with a Green Screen

If you just can’t decide on a physical backdrop and/or you want to be able to offer your clients a multitude of options in the photo booth, a green screen option is the way to go. A chroma-key green screen backdrop will allow you to drop in virtually any scene or pattern under the sun to create the perfect look for your subjects. Digital backdrop images easily replace the green-toned backdrop behind the subject via computer, “magically” transporting your clients to another place, time or environment.

Photo Booth Setup Tips

It isn’t enough to just wheel your photo booth into a party or event and hope for the best. For optimal results with your photo booth service, consider the following tips:
  • Location counts. If possible, set up your photo booth close to the bar; a little social lubricant never hurt a fun photo op!
  • Bring your “A-game.” The photo booth attendant can make or break the experience for the guests, so bring a fun, festive and irreverent spirit to your job — or hire someone who can.
  • Props. Be sure and bring along an array of props for guests to ham it up with. Lots of goofy hats and tiaras are a must; masks and funny glasses can also bring loads of fun to the event.
  • Bring extras. Don’t forget to pack plenty of extra photo booth paper and ink.
The old-style photo booth of yesteryear has definitely come a long way in the past hundred years. Today, it’s a high-tech machine with lots of innovative features and options. Offering a photo booth service at parties and special events can be a fun and effective money-maker for your business. Make the most of your photo booth investment by using these backdrop and setup tips.

Do you offer a photo booth as a part of your wedding photography packages? Share a tip with us for running a photo booth at a big event!


-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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  • jairy hunter


    I like doing a Photo Booth, but it’s a lot of work to set it up, get the lighting right, and take time to operate it. A small part is that sometimes the guests get a bit out of hand wanting more and more shots. I would say one definitely needs a trusted assistant to set it up and man it so the main photog can concentrate on the other things going on at the reception.


  • Dan


    Just be careful about being too close to the bar. Some are not real steady on their feet, and can knock over your whole setup. Also, control the kids. They can ruin all of your props in no time and discourage adults from using the booth. Be friendly and joke around about the props; “hey big guy, are you sure you don’t want to wear a pink boa with that gangsta hat?”


  • Backdrop Express Photography Team


    GREAT tips, Dan and Jairy! Thanks for leaving a comment on our blog!

    -Backdrop Express Photography Team


  • Vinaini


    Where can I get the sequined backdrop?


    • Backdrop Express Photography Team


      Hi Vinaini! You can browse all colors of our beautiful sequin backdrops here: http://ow.ly/GOsrd – Let us know if you have any other questions!
      -Backdrop Express Photography Team


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