5 Tips for Beginner Freelance Photographers

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If you have decided to take your passion for photography one step further, you may be wondering how to build a freelance business. There are several things to keep in mind as you get ready to “go professional”.

You never get another chance to make a first impression—establish yourself early as a professional. That means putting your best work out there for everyone to see. You can design a website with a gallery of your best photos. Publish only the highest quality photos with superior supporting scenery or highly effective photo backgrounds. A few other tips for catapulting yourself into the photo biz are listed below.

1. Build a Presence

Besides posting your best work on a website, consider using Facebook and personal blogs to get the word out about your new business.

2. Quality Equipment

We cannot all buy the top-of-the-line cameras, editing software, lighting kits and photographic backgrounds in the beginning. Ask other professionals for recommendation for products you can upgrade when you can afford it.

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3. Follow the Crowd

Although the best photographers follow their own instincts and put their personal spin on every picture, knowing when to follow the crowd can help you build followers. Find out what is trending in the market. Get the customer what they want while adding your own unique muslin background or lighting.

4. Pricing

In the beginning, you may have to negotiate fees. Do not fall into the trap of underpricing your work. It is difficult to break free from the “low-ball” reputation. Negotiate with clients to find an agreeable price, but keep your prices competitive.

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5. Let Your Style Shine

Confidence and creativity are two of the most important traits of a sought after professional. Don’t be afraid to take edgy photos. If your client is not happy, work with him to find common ground.

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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  • Everardo Keeme Photography


    All great tips, especially getting the pricing right. I’ve seen too many burn themselves out by low ball pricing. Not only does it hurt themselves it hurts the industry.


  • Joe zuccaro


    Very good tips, but you missed an important one; get a business license and business insurance. You show a higher level of professionalism, and you protect yourself from liabilities.


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