4 Tips for Creative Musician Photography

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4 Tips for Creative Musician Photography

Musician photography can be one of the most demanding and difficult kinds of shooting. It requires extensive patience in order to do it well and understanding the subject is one of the most crucial factors.

1. Become Familiar with the Musician

It makes sense to make yourself familiar with the kind of songs your subject plays. If you can, familiarize yourself with their style by going to a concert.

2. Pick Clothing Carefully

Allow the individuals in the musical group to wear clothing that is colored lightly and have the main musician wear something brighter. This can be accomplished in reverse too and will help your musician stand out in your images. Make sure your photo backdrop complements the color scheme of the clothing and the mood you want to portray.

music band in photo studio on white backdrop

3. Keep Your Focus on the Main Light

Allow the main lighting to focus directly on your musician. You’ll require a specific kind of spot light to illuminate the musician and not the entire group.

4. Capture Images from a Variety of Angles.

Capture a number of pictures of your musician from a variety of different angles. Certain individuals will look great in shots taken head on, while others are more flattered by a side view. You’ll need to know how to adjust where you place your musician and other members of the group to determine the best angles.

Have you photographed a band or musician before? What style were you going for?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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