5 Tips for Great Headshots

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businessman headshot The use of headshot photography is more prominent and highly favored than any other technique in the industry. It is essential that professional photographers learn how to produce the best possible headshots for their clients during every shoot. The following five tips will help ensure that your subjects look their best in their headshots every time.

1. Shoot from Above

A variety of photography backdrops and studio backgrounds lend themselves well to headshots, but the same does not hold true for the angle of the shot.  Headshot subjects consistently appear more slender when shot from above.

2. Have Subjects Tilt Their Heads

Taking a close shot straight on is usually not the most flattering method. Instead, have your headshot subjects slightly tilt their head one way so as to highlight cheekbones, the nose and other favorable contours.

headshot on photography background

 3. Avoid Getting Too Close

Rather than shooting from directly in front of your subject, stand further back and use a quality zoom lens. This will prevent unflattering distortion of the eyes, nose and chin.

4. Take Advantage of Umbrellas and Soft Lighting

Strong, direct lighting causes unflattering shadows. Use umbrellas, as a part of your studio lighting, to distribute soft, subtle light more evenly, especially when using dramatically colored photo backgrounds. female head shot

5. Adjust Your Focus

When taking headshots, using a softer focus produces a more becoming photograph. You can allow the focus to soften even further toward your photo background to further highlight the subject’s better assets.

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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