3 Tips to Remember When Shooting Still-Life Photography

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Shooting still-life may seem easier than shooting out in the field or shooting action shots, but you’ll soon discover that it presents plenty of its own challenges. Here are a few tips for getting past the trickiest trouble spots of shooting still-life photography.

1. Selecting Themes & Subjects

It’s important to remember that shooting still-life photography is really all about technique. Whether you’re shooting a glass of wine or a hamburger and fries, chances are that the client wants you to imbue the shot with a certain sense of personality. We’ve all seen those hamburger shots in television ads, filming a juicy burger from a low angle with strong backlighting. It’s how you approach the subject, not the subject itself, that instills the shot with personality.

bouquet of roses

2. Use a White Backdrop to Get Rid of Hot Spots

This is especially helpful when shooting glassware. Whether the glass is colored or totally transparent, white photo backdrops can make the shot look a lot more pleasant. When shooting porcelain, chinaware and so on, you may want to keep a black backdrop on hand for contrast.

wine bottled in cooler with streamers on white backdrop

3. Playing with Lights

Because your subject won’t grow bored and doesn’t charge by the hour, you can literally play with the lighting set up and composition and various lenses for as long as you please. The important thing when shooting still-life photos is to be as creative as you can, move the lights around in various configurations, try a one light setup, try to let some daylight in, or do some silhouette photography. Explore your options and come up with some shots that you like.

Still-life photography may present some challenges, but as always, practice (along with a little bit of guidance) makes perfect!

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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