Tips & Tricks for Offering Creative Superhero Photo Shoots for Kids

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Tips & Tricks for Offering Creative Superhero Photoshoots for Kids It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s… the next awesome phase of your photography business — superhero kid photography!

Superhero photo shoots are shaping up to become the next big trend in kid photography. If you’ve been around young kids, you already know that they are all about their imaginations, especially between the ages of 4 and 10. They literally live there; some spend weeks at a time in a superhero persona — so why not help parents to document it? Superhero photo shoots aren’t just for Halloween, either — although scheduling them at this time of year certainly makes sense.

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Priceless Moments in Time

With technological advances making documentation easier than ever, parents are less willing to allow the precious moments of their child’s life to slip by without recognition. One day, children will grow out of the phase where they’re willing to pose with total sincerity as their favorite superhero, and parents understand this. There’s only so much parents can do with their smartphone camera, so that’s where you come in — your professional superhero shoots can “save the day.” There are numerous ways you can offer superhero photo shoots to your clients and their caped crusader children. Every superhero kid is different, so you should have some flexibility with your kid photography services. One of the most ideal ways to approach this is with the mini session. Despite their grand imaginations and seemingly endless energy, a young child’s attention span likely won’t last for more than an hour, so schedule your superhero shoots accordingly.

Outdoor locations can be perfect for capturing action shots, allowing costumed kids to run, jump, play and show off their best superhero moves. Find creative locations in your area such as abandoned parking lots or large playgrounds where kids can run free, and snap away.

Halloween BackdropsFeaturing: Haunted House Printed Backdrop | Photo Courtesy of Tanya Lee Hervey Photography

Superhero Backdrops and Props

That said, to promote efficiency in a mini shoot, you could also consider keeping them in the studio. Your studio offers a consistent setting where you can easily plan props, looks, costume changes and fun kid backdrops ahead of time. Superhero backdrops can help you to create the perfect atmosphere and setting; here are some theme ideas to help get you started:

The Pop Art Effect

The art of pop artist Roy Lichtenstein is loaded with potential inspiration for your kids’ superhero mini shoots. His pieces featured acrylic cartoon panel-style imagery, stylized compositional elements and punchy thought / dialog balloons throughout. A Comic Book Printed backdrop can help you to achieve a similar atmosphere and effect in your photos; it’s also reminiscent of those old Batman cartoons where fight scenes always came with an array of boldly-printed visual effects.

Superhero Comicbook BackdropFeaturing: Comicbook Printed Backdrop

Saving the City

Another approach to photographing kid superheroes is to place them in an urban environment where they’re “saving the day.” A 3D Cityscape Printed Backdrop or a Grayscale City Printed Backdrop offer differing artistic looks for a cityscape background effect that’s perfect for young comic book superheroes. You might also consider a “Clark Kent/Superman” package that starts with the child in regular clothes (over his superhero outfit) and documents his transformation into superhero mode. Is your dog a superpup? Throw a cute cape around your pet for his/her own superhero shot!

Superhero Cityscape BackdropFeaturing: 3D Cityscape Printed Backdrop

Green Screen Effects

Want to create the illusion of little ones flying through space or leaping tall buildings in a single bound? A green screen and digital backgrounds are the way to achieve this. The green screen makes the entire background your palette for whatever you and your clients can dream up. Don’t be afraid to add in big special effects later during editing; laser beams, explosions, and cartoon “villains” are all possible and can help to create truly memorable photos. Digital Backgrounds

Comic Book Fun

Lastly, if you’re not having fun, you’re approaching it all wrong! Fun is the primary objective of a superhero photo shoot — for the kids, the parents, and for you as the photographer. Most kids absolutely love to dress up as their favorite idols, and what great fun to help parents document the wild imaginations and irrepressible spirits of their young children.

Make it your priority during the shoot to help your subjects truly feel like superheroes during the shoot and fully embrace their fantasy role. Browse Pinterest for props and compositions, and let your imagination soar. Collaborate with parents and kids to create a final result that perfectly captures the young superhero’s personality. Colorful kid backdrops, fun props and an awesome costume will all add up to photography gold.

Have you shot a kid superhero photo shoot? What age do you think it’s most fun for the child?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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