12 Tips to Easier and More Creative Pet Photography

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pet-photography Taking photographs of pets can really be fun and exciting, although this type of photography does at times produce a challenge. Yet, it can be financially rewarding for the photographer who takes the time to understand what is needed in order to actually capture the true personality of a client’s pet and make them extremely happy. The first thing that the photographer must realize is that each animal has a different personality. Not all of them will play well with the photographer when trying to direct a shooting session.

Always plan the content of a shoot. Most animal shoots take place outside like at a park or a front porch, but if you are thinking about a studio environment, you must plan the placement and use of all studio equipment like lighting and photo backdrops. Consulting with your pet owner before you meet for the shoot is key to understanding what types of shots are desired. Using seamless paper indoors will cut down on soiling costs as opposed to using a more expensive muslin backdrop.

Dogs and Cats on a White Backdrop

There are number of different types of “poses” such as cute little kittens and puppies sleeping comfortably or bouncing about, making good subject matter for some types of playful photographs. Consult with the client about the different types of shots.

Tips to Pet Photography

  1. Never use a flash.
  2. Get down low for an “eye-level” perspective.
  3. Always check to make sure camera settings are correct. This is especially necessary when photographing pets that are moving about.
  4. Do not force any pet in awkward positions to get a funny shot. Let each pet display an individual personality that can be captured by the camera.
  5. Try to set up in a position that does not attract the pet’s attention, in order to capture some natural poses.
  6. Patience is one of the key skills necessary for successful pet photography.

  7. pet photography
  8. Even when shooting indoors, try to place pets in an area near a well-lit window to gain soft natural light.
  9. Use simple non-competing photography backgrounds keeping the pet as the focal point.
  10.  Ask the owner if the pet’s collar should be off or on.
  11. Use some type of attention-grabbing noise or object to get the pet’s ears up for a great shot.
  12. Always make sure the eyes are clear before beginning the photo session.
  13. Consult with the pet owner about what types of animal treats to have handy for rewarding a good kitty or pup.

dog with bubble on pink background

Follow these easy tips to enhance the experience of your pet photography for everyone included!

Do you have any useful tips to share for engaging animals during a photo shoot?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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    i have been a photographer for 30 some odd years but i have been taking pet shot just for a few years and i am on the right track i all ready do the thing you suggested so i guess i am on the right track thank a lot for your ideals you can go to my web sight and click one of the pictures at the bottom of the book and that well take you to my face book album witch has a lot of my pet shit on it enjoy


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