Top 10 Romantic Wedding Photo Shoots

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Photo Credit: Barry Feldman

Although some women would prefer to end the holiday season after New Year’s Day, there is one more special day in these winter months, one that is typically symbolized by hearts, Hallmark Cards, chocolate and teddy bears.

Regardless of personal feelings towards Valentine’s Day, it is the perfect opportunity to highlight some of the photographers whose work reminds the more cynical of us to have a little faith in what the holiday is supposed to be about: no, not chick flicks and restaurant reservations, but love. So pucker up! In the spirit of the year’s most romantic holiday coming up, here is a list of 10 of my favorite wedding & engagement photos. Young and old couples alike turn to professional photographers to capture the most precious moments of their lives. Take notes from these beautiful photography examples to make sure you are utilizing creative backgrounds, great lighting techniques and props during your romantic photo shoots.

1. Jeff Newsom: San Luis Obispo, CA

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Photo Credit: Jeff Newsom

2. Todd Laffler: Califon, New Jersey

Website  Facebook
todd laffler

Photo Credit: Todd Laffler

3. Studio Saldana: New York, NY

Website  Facebook  Twitter

Photo Credit: Studio Saldana

4. Micah & Megan Photography, Southern California

Website  Facebook

Photo Credit: Micah & Megan Photography

5. Davina + Daniel, International Photographers

Website  Facebook  Twitter-Davina  Twitter-Daniel

Photo Credit: Davina + Daniel

6. Todd Hunter McGaw, Australia

Website  Facebook  Twitter

Photo Credit: Todd Hunter McGaw

7. Amorphia Photography, UK

Website  Facebook  Twitter

Photo Credit: Amorphia Photography

8.Anna Kuperberg, San Francisco, CA

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Photo Credit: Anna Kuperberg

9. K&K Photography, Clearwater, FL

Website  Facebook  Twitter k&k

 10. Lauri Levenfeld, San Francisco, CA

(slight bias here—I assisted on this shoot, but I love this image) Website  Facebook  Twitter

Photo Credit: Lauri Levenfeld

Do you have any other favorite wedding photography? Let us know!

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