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When Should You Use Photography Floordrops? | Backdrop Express Blog

When Should You Use Photography Floordrops?

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Floordrops, Photography Tips, Studio Equipment, Studio Photography

Photography Floordrops

How does your studio floor look? Unless you have a long muslin or roll of seamless paper covering it, it probably isn’t very impressive. Muslin and seamless paper with an extended apron can be excellent for full and three-quarter length photography and larger product shoots; however, there’s a wide variety of other creative and affordable options out there for artfully covering your studio floor. Enter photography floordrops.

Versatile, Realistic Photography Floordrops

Never before has it been so easy to create an atmosphere and set up a specific type of scene. Floordrops offer the look of an authentic flooring pattern without the commitment (and price) of actually having that type of floor installed. Wooden planks, stone patterns, metal, brick, elegant tile and industrial textures are just some of the creative looks that are easily available with floordrops. They photograph with a highly realistic look, and best of all, you can have all of these textures on hand without ever having to leave your studio.

Each of your clients is unique and will likely have specific requests during their photo shoot. From the high school senior looking for an edgy, contemporary style to fashion photography shoots to innovative looks for children and newborns, a floordrop can really enhance the overall effect. Here are just some of the many possibilities for using these faux floor mats:

Athlete and Team Sport Portraits

When the outdoor weather just isn’t cooperating, sports floordrops can be the perfect solution. Photograph your athletes in a studio setting and choose a floordrop to match the sport such as a baseball field, basketball court or grass field. A studio setting is often much more conducive to getting those winning tight shots of your athlete posing with elements of their uniform, sports equipment, medals, trophies or a class ring.

Photography FloordropsFeaturing: Grass Field Floordrop

Newborn Photography

Vintage settings are very trendy and popular for newborn and baby portraiture these days. A of the worn or weathered wood floordrop looks can offer an incredibly realistic, vintage and highly memorable setting for a new baby’s photos. Pair the drop with the perfect accessories such as rustic bowls and wraps. Brick floordrops can also be a great addition to a retro-yet-innovative studio setting.

Photography FloordropsFeaturing: Worn Planks Floordrop | Photo Courtesy of Simply Photography

Senior Pictures

High school seniors are always looking for ways to stand out and be trend setters among their peers. Instead of photographing them on railroad tracks, by a graffiti wall or near a country fence like so many seniors before, try a slick checkered tile floordrop to replicate an old 50s diner, or distressed industrial metal patterns for an artsy, urban abandoned-building setting.

Photography FloordropsFeaturing: Classic Tile Floordrop| Photo Courtesy of Ryan Walsh

Fashion Photography

The “grunge” look is a very popular style trend in the fashion world today. Instead of trekking through city streets to find the perfect artfully-worn loft spaces, dirty alleys or abandoned industrial settings, why not stay in the studio and use a grungy-looking distressed floordrop to create the scene of an old auto shop, a construction site or other contemporary urban setting. Brick backdrops can also enhance your fashion shoot setting.

Photography FloordropsFeaturing: Diamond Plate Floordrop | Photo Courtesy of Ryan Walsh

Fun Children’s Portraits

A whimsical floordrop like the chalk Hopscotch or bright colored painted wood planks are great accessories for fun, themed kid portraits. Realism isn’t as much of a focus with these kinds of photography floordrops (a rainbow-painted wood floor isn’t exactly a common theme) however, these drops convey a highly imaginative atmosphere which can be the perfect setting for your energetic young subjects.

Photography FloordropsFeaturing: Pastel Planks Floordrop

Floordrops can be easily used in combination with your existing backdrop arsenal, and they pair well with seamless paper. Move things up a notch by trying different camera vantage points such as severe angles, or snap from directly overhead. Floordrops can also be used as backdrops — a wooden plank floor can easily become a weathered barn wall; a stone or brick floor can double as an elegant stone fence or urban brick wall. Pick up some vintage or distressed furniture to pair with your drops for an even more innovative look.

There’s tremendous potential with photography floordrops, and this article is just the tip of the iceberg. Now it’s up to you to take it to the next level. Be flexible and creative, take a few risks — but most of all, have fun! Let your passion for your work shine through; your clients will feel the creativity and love the results.

Do you like using fun floordrops or prefer laying your  backdrop out past the floor for a seamless look?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

Interested in learning more about photography floordrops? Check out Floor Drops: The Perfect Solution to a Plain Background!

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Comments (4)

  • Kate


    We recently moved, and I’m working out of a room in our home. This house however, has carpet flooring…unlike my old home which had hard floors. Would any of your floordrops work on carpet?


    • Backdrop Express Photography Team


      Hello Kate,

      Thanks for your comment! We do strongly recommend using our floordrops on a hard, even surface for best results. Carpeting will likely cause wrinkles in the design once your subject steps on to it. We would recommend finding a sheet of plywood at a home improvement store to lay in between your carpet and floordrop.

      Thank you!
      -Backdrop Express Photography Team


  • Lorrie


    Is it possible to take the 4×5 mat to a clients home


    • Backdrop Express Photography Team


      Hi Lorrie, thanks for your comment! Great question. The 4’x5′ floor mat is definitely a transportable item, weighing at approximately 5 lbs. You’ll want to roll it up before putting it into your car, and the length of the roll will measure 4ft. We hope this helps!
      -Backdrop Express Photography Team


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