Using Bold Color in Portraiture

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blonde model on yellow photo backdrop

If you are looking to take a step on the wild side, color is your perfect accomplice. Cast your fears aside and let your color palette explode over your seamless paper. You will bring a new world of adventure to your photography as your subjects brim with energy and effervescence in front of a bold photography background.

Be daring in your quest to saturate your seamless photo backdrops. You will find many options in using multiple light heads, specialized brackets, hardware, gadgets and colorful gels.

The simplest and least expensive way to express vibrant color is by using a single light system. You won’t need to further light your backgrounds for photography, and you will be able to simply let the light fall off.

You will find a wide array of new uses of color and nuances of colors you about which you might have had preconceived notions. Take a pink or tulip shaded seamless background, for example. Color can be tweaked with lighting to create a modern, romantic or vintage photographic backdrop to contrast or complement your subject’s clothing or the overall mood of the photograph. Your choice of lighting against this photographic backdrop turns the color pink into a neutral and flexible shade in your palette.

model on blue photo backdrop

If you are working in a small space, you can still make friends with a variety of hues.

Though color photography is not every photographer’s cup of tea, you can do it with some work, patience, the right lighting and, most importantly, the right spirit to use color to your advantage and bring out some exciting aspects of your subject.

Have you experimented with bold colors before? What was the outcome?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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