Using Posing Beanbags for Newborn Photography

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Newborn Posers

Featuring the “Froggy” or “Frog” Pose

When it comes to posing newborns, do you consistently face obstacles when trying to mold those beautiful, soft angles you often see online? Especially one of the more popular “taco” pose and the “prone” pose that places the newborn in a ‘U’ shape with their heads and bottoms raised. It seems like it would be nearly impossible to pose a newborn safely and comfortably in these positions, but simple* newborn posers are a possibility for many photographers. Most poses can be accomplished using newborn posing pillows and beanbags.  Here are some options for these posing props and how they can be used for posed studio newborn photography.

Large Beanbag Poser

Our newborn beanbag posers are made specifically for newborn and baby photography. They are designed in a special puck shape to provide the utmost comfort and support, and to prevent any sagging that you would commonly face with traditional beanbags. Beanbag posers serve as a soft but sturdy platform to comfortably and safely pose newborn babies in various positions, instead of draping numerous blankets or rugs on the floor to build up a comfortable set. When filled, our posers only stand about a foot high, making them safe for your model and spotter, but offering some height from the ground to allow easier shooting for the photographer. The posing beanbags are made from professional grade vinyl, which allows them to be easily wiped clean and sanitized from any messes. Be sure to layer the beanbag poser with multiple blankets, soft furs or other fabrics to provide another layer of cushion for your newborn before laying them down. Once your model is carefully placed in the middle, you can push into the beanbag surrounding the baby to mold a seat for them, with the help of your spotter. Newborn Beanbag Poser

Doughnut Poser

A Doughnut Poser is another helpful aid for newborn photo shoots. This prop is great for positioning newborns comfortably on their backside. You can use the poser by itself once it’s layered between soft blankets, without the need for any other posing accessories, or it can also be used inside of baskets, bowls, and other props to provide a snug space for the baby to sit inside. Doughnut Poser Doughnut Poser

Butterfly Poser

A Butterfly Poser is perfect for posing babies in a variety of positions, especially on their bellies. The two Butterfly Poser pieces can be used separately, or snapped together to prop up both ends of your model. If posed on their backside, this posing prop helps to curl the newborn up.

Butterfly Poser

Mini Positioners

Having extra mini positioners on hand are helpful when you need to fill in small spaces, between a Doughnut Poser or to prop up just the newborn’s head slightly.

 Mini Positioners

Stocking up on newborn posing props serves as great arsenal for your studio newborn photography. These simple posing props will help increase your efficiency during shoots, achieve beautiful poses and angles, and help deliver those final images that your customers won’t be able to get enough of. Do you think a posing beanbag and pillows could help improve your newborn photography? Shop our NEW line of these essential posing pillows!

-Backdrop Express Photography Team


*Advance newborn poses/composites should be attempted by advanced newborn photographers ONLY. Never leave baby unattended, always utilize an assistant to stand close by when photographing newborns. 

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