Using Posing Fabrics for Better Newborn Photos

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Newborn Posing Fabrics There is no better place to photograph newborns than in the studio! Your photo studio allows your clients a guaranteed quiet, warm environment with attractive lighting and no time limits to work against. As we know, newborns are pretty unpredictable and so it’s always best practice to prepare several different backdrop and prop setups, set aside a few hours to make sure you have ample time for feeding and cry breaks, and recruit someone (a trusted assistant or the parent) for help with posing to ensure you are able to capture a solid foundation of successful images. While there’s a plethora of newborn backdrops, props and posing aids available for baby photographers,  a couple trendy pieces are lace and vintage linen posing fabrics. These fabrics are our new go-to materials for newborn photo shoots! vintage linen posing fabric These versatile fabrics are ideally used as backdrops or basket stuffers. The six foot length is large enough to cover a large newborn posing beanbag while still leaving enough material to clip to a stand. Alternatively, you can use also wrap them around a doughnut posing pillow to create an adorable prop for baby to lay on.

Vintage Linen Posing Fabric

vintage linen posing fabricFeaturing: Burnt Orange Vintage Linen Posing Fabric

Our Vintage Linen Posing Fabric looks similar to burlap but is much softer and more comfortable for your little models to lay on. The textured thread pattern gives that extra rustic look that pairs great with wooden crates, bowls, or wood floordrops. This posing fabric is available in two sizes, 3′ x 3′ and 5′ x 6′. The 3′ x 3′ does not include a rod pocket so that it can be used as a basket filler or to wrap around posing pillows, like our doughnut poser. The 5′ x 6′ size includes a rod pocket, making it perfect to use as a backdrop. With 17 different colors and 2 sizes, our vintage linen is versatile and interchangeable for boys and girls alike! For extra versatility, we also encourage you to pair linens with our extra soft Stretch Lace Posing Fabric, for a beautiful layered effect.

newborn posing fabricFeaturing: Mint Vintage Linen

Stretch Lace Posing Fabric

lace posing fabrics for newborn photographyFeaturing: Navy Lace Posing Fabric

Our Lace Posing Fabrics are ideal as backdrop overlays over a solid colored fabric to provide a beautiful and seemingly intricate pattern. Similar to newborn wraps, the material is very stretchy which makes positioning it as a prop or basket stuffer easy. The lace pattern is the perfect, elegant, and classy complement to newborns and young babies alike! These laces are available in 16 gorgeous colors, providing a perfect variety of light pastels and deeper earthy colors to complement all skin tones.

newborn posing fabricFeaturing: White Lace Posing Fabric

What soft style of backdrops do YOU like to use in your newborn sessions?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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