Using Textured Backgrounds for Product Photography

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Using Textured Backgrounds for Product Photography | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Product photography is an art form unto itself. Truly knowing your camera equipment is crucial, especially all of the nuances of exposure and focus. For best results, you should make use of a tripod and soft lighting. Another key component of successful product photography is your backdrop choices.

Vinyl Backdrops for Product Photography

Small to medium-sized items will require a tabletop backdrop that complements the look, texture and purpose of the product. Vinyl backdrops are an affordable, durable choice, but seamless paper can work as well. While in many cases the backdrop will stay in the background visually, in other instances the backdrop can be a contributing compositional element to the overall design and success of the product shot.

Tabletop vinyl backdrops for product photography are available in a number of different styles, textures and colors. Vinyl backdrops tend to be more interesting and intricate than plain, basic solid paper backdrops, and they’re very cost-effective, too. For example, a Silver Microdot Vinyl Backdrop offers a unique and clean textured look for product shots at a cost of just $22.50 for a 53” x 60” roll. These backdrops are portable, easy to store away in a small space and offer the convenience and durability of lightweight vinyl.

Some of the other highlights of tabletop sized vinyl product photography backdrops include:
  • They can bring a unique texture/pattern to your product photography.
  • They photograph extremely well, with a high degree of depth and realism.
  • They effectively replicate a high-quality surface.
  • Our Mirrored Backdrop offers an appealing reflection of the product you’re photographing onto the backdrop for a sleek, modern look.
  • Our dotted and ribbed textured backdrops can bring a compelling industrial feel to products such as tools, knives, machinery, sculptures and other small items.
Some of the specific styles available for vinyl backdrops include:

Gray Crinkled Vinyl Tabletop Backdrop

Add an artsy, weathered look with a lot of character to your next product photography shoot by using a Gray Crinkled Vinyl Tabletop Backdrop. From natural items like fruit and flowers to arts and crafts, statues, figurines and industrial subjects, this backdrop will offer an interesting counterpoint to less textured items.

Using Textured Backgrounds for Product Photography | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Mirrored Tabletop Backdrop

Mirrored Tabletop Backdrop offers a semi-reflective surface with many, many possibilities, including subtly incorporating a variety of angles of your subject in one shot. It also helps to bring in accent colors and hints of the setting or surrounding environment. Create a mirror-like surface for your product and emulate the surface of water. It can even be used as a DIY method for refracting light in your studio.

Using Textured Backgrounds for Product Photography | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Silver Microdot Vinyl Tabletop Backdrop

Whether you’re shooting a sleek, contemporary item, a new tool or a revolutionary industrial product, a Mircodot Vinyl Tabletop Backdrop can offer just the perfect setting. The small, regular dot pattern on the backdrop adds just enough texture, offering subtle contrast for modern products. Create that industrial shop setting for tools, machined parts and tech components.

Using Textured Backgrounds for Product Photography | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Ribbed Vinyl Tabletop Backdrops

White Ribbed Vinyl Tabletop Backdrop will add grounding but eye-catching contrast to your product photography shots. Position the direction of the ribbing to accentuate specific product features and design elements, and to move the viewer’s eye across the image. This backdrop can also enhance a sense of flow across a product or series of products.

Using Textured Backgrounds for Product Photography | Backdrop Express Photography Blog

Sharpness, lighting and backdrop choice are the three key elements that can create product photography that stands out from the rest. Know your equipment, master the art of focus and lighting, use a tripod, and make sure your backdrop choices truly complement the products you’re shooting. Keep an array of affordable tabletop backdrops on hand to choose from, and you’re sure to showcase your products in a way that makes them fly off the shelves.

Do you like keeping a clean, high key background for product photos, or adding some texture or color to it?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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    Using textured background is always stylish and it is advantageous also to use it during product photography. Thank you for pointing out the important things here.


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