5 Video Camera Accessories for Higher Quality Footage

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Video Camera Accessories  Whether you’re just shooting family videos at home or are planning to venture into professional videography, there are a number of helpful video camera accessories that can help make the process much easier. One of the most beneficial videography tips is to pick up a camera stabilizer. Stabilizers have multiple benefits that will immediately increase the quality of your work and make shooting video much more enjoyable.

If your equipment is heavy or you’re prone to having shaky hands, it can be very difficult to achieve a still and stable shot on your own. A camera stabilizer can take care of this variable for you while also helping to hold other peripherals like a microphone or lighting. In addition to stability, a camera stabilizer lets you swivel quickly during action footage, allowing for smooth transitions (instead of that shaky “Blair Witch Project” effect.) Positioning is also a breeze; whether your shot is high in the air or close to ground level, simply tilt the arm accordingly. Universal mounting plates on most stabilizers allow you to add your favorite microphone, strobes, and more. If you’re looking for videography tips, consider these five video camera accessories:

1. The Deluxe Slider

A Deluxe Slider is a stabilization accessory that’s ideal for amateur or professional video stabilization. It features ball bearings on the bottom side of the camera platform that allow for an ultra-smooth and quiet gliding effect. It will allow you to achieve a sleek, stable camera glide from side to side in all of your scenes. The Deluxe Slider is made with a CNC process out of durable aircraft-grade aluminum. It can handle up to 17 lbs. and its base plate has a 3/8″ male stud that mounts just about any ball or video head. The 3/8″ mounting screw connects with any camera when used with a ball head. Deluxe Slider Video Camera Accessory Two tripods can be mounted with this accessory without the need for a flat table, and it comes with a built-in bubble level. Multiple screw holes allow for mounting vertically as well as the mounting of monitors, lighting, Magic Arms, and more. The Deluxe Slider comes with 4 adjustable legs for easy low level shooting and also includes a carrying bag.

2. Three-Wheel Skater

The 3 Wheel Skater is a highly innovative DSLR accessory that can function as a desktop directional pulley as well as a video stabilizer. This stabilization accessory allows for the silky-smooth tracking of movements of the camera side to side, forward, backwards and at 360 degree pivot turns all from a single position. The 3 Wheel Skater features a high grade aluminum loading platform, a load capacity of 18 lbs., and it glides very smoothly on its 65mm quality plastic/rubber wheels. This tool can hold a much heavier camera than, for example, a smaller 4 wheel dolly accessory.

3 Wheel Skater Video Camera Accessory

3. Video Rig

A Video Rig is a DSLR support that will allow you to shoot video at much higher levels of professionalism. This system improves any scene because it has two sources of stability: stabilizer arms plus shoulders (as opposed to just arms.) The handles and shoulder mount are completely configurable to the videographer’s preferred comfort zone while shooting. Its clamps, rods, handles, and shoulder pad all meet the industry standard 15mm rod system, so any accessory that fits with the 15mm standard can be added to the Video Rig. This rig is constructed from durable rubber and aluminum and includes rubber grip handles that double as arm rests while shooting.

Video Rig Video Camera Accessory

4. Camera Dolly

The Camera Dolly is a very innovative DSLR accessory that’s both a video stabilizer and desktop directional pulley. The Camera Dolly features a high grade aluminum loading platform and rides smoothly on high quality 60mm plastic-rubber compound wheels. The Deluxe Dolly features upgraded wheel bearings for a smoother ride. The Camera Dolly platform has 1/4-20 female threads plus a 1/4 male thread.

Camera Dolly Video Camera Accessory

5. Magic Arm

Magic Arms are an extremely useful accessory that can be used to mount smaller accessories within your setup; monitors, microphones, and lighting can all be easily attached to a DSLR. These Magic Arms are 7 inches long and feature a removable locking accessory shoe mount that can be removed to allow for either 1/4 20 female thread or 1/4 20 threaded male stud. The Magic Arm fits directly onto the camera shoe mount. Just one knob locks all of the positions of its 360 swivel head.

Magic Arm Video Camera Accessory

If you’re just getting started in video, consider using some of these video camera accessories to help make your experience more successful and enjoyable. Watch for more videography tips in upcoming blog posts.

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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