5 Ways to Use Computer-Printed Backdrops

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Computer Printed Backdrops

Printed backdrops, megapixels, custom backgrounds, computer printed backdrops — while the origins of photography can be traced back to 1790, it certainly has come a long way since then. The very first printed photography image emerged in 1826, and the first color photograph in 1861. Backdrops in portrait photography showed up in the mid-1800s and were primarily painted vignettes on canvas, cloth or curtains.

The first digital cameras emerged in the 1980s; it’s hard to believe, but the term “megapixel” was used for the first time in 1984 — not very long ago. These days, digital photography is the norm. Technology continues to shape other aspects of photography as well, including the selection of props, backdrops and studio equipment that are now available to the photographer.

The Evolution of the Photography Backdrop

While painted muslin and canvas backgrounds still fill a vital role in the photographer’s studio, more versatile backdrop choices are now available as well. Seamless paper and vinyl have increased the photographer’s repertoire for a smooth, reliable, even surface. More recently, computer-printed backgrounds are allowing photographers to convey just about any look or atmosphere they can dream up. If it’s not already printed, custom printed backdrops can be commissioned for precisely the look and background image desired.

Uses for Printed Backdrops

Breaking away from tradition and what’s familiar might seem strange at first, but change and evolution has been the nature of photography since its start over 200 years ago. It continues to evolve, as do the props and equipment available to the industry. Computer-printed backdrops are not just for photography, either; here are some of the uses and advantages of printed backgrounds over other backdrop choices:

1. Studio Photography

When a very specific look or scene is needed, printed backdrops offer a level of precision and photo-realism that’s just not possible with painted muslin or canvas. Using a physical background is also easier than using a green screen, which requires time in post-production to edit the background to look natural behind the subject. Printed scenic backdrops can offer a very realistic setting for studio and portrait photography, while abstract printed backdrops or patterned backgrounds create a contemporary, artsy look for children, family portraits or senior portraits.

Computer Printed BackdropsFeaturing: Ocean Blues Striped Printed Backdrop

2. Parties, Weddings, Dances

From birthday parties to holiday parties to themed events, people will want to remember the day, the other people who attended and how everyone looked. From making an atmosphere in tune with the theme of the event to creating the perfect spot for a photographer to stand ready to snap images of guests, a printed backdrop will help set the scene. From Christmas, to Halloween to an Egyptian-themed party or wedding, printed backgrounds strike the perfect mood and will convey the vibe you’re going for.

Computer Printed BackdropsFeaturing: Red Carpet Flashbulbs Printed Backdrop

3. Photo Booths

Whether you run an old-school automated photo booth or something more in tune with the times, offering a variety of computer-printed backdrops to your customers will keep them coming back for more. Printed backdrops are perfect whenever a static setup for photos, portraits or group shots is needed, and your customers are sure to spread the word and tell their friends about you.

Skull Crossbones BackdropFeaturing: Skull & Crossbones Printed Backdrop | Courtesy of Ashley Glasco Photography

4. Presentations, Trade Shows, Displays

Printed backdrops are also an excellent solution for displays at trade shows, malls, retail stores or anywhere you want a professional look for a presentation or display. Install them in a trade show booth, a reception area or onstage behind a featured speaker. Custom backgrounds are the perfect solution whenever a backdrop with specific company logos is required, such as a red carpet event or step-and-repeat for publicity shots.

5. Theater Productions

Whether your play is set in France, New York City or somewhere even more exotic, no location is too remote for a printed background. If you don’t see the scene you’re looking for in the selection available, you can always commission a custom background by providing your own digital image to be reproduced on a background. Why settle? With printed backdrops, you’ll enchant the audience while giving your play the perfect atmosphere.

Computer Printed BackdropsFeaturing: Forgotten Hall Printed Backdrop

Photography continues to evolve, and computer-printed backgrounds and custom backgrounds are on the cutting edge. Consider using printed backdrops in your studio, portrait and location photography today.

What creative uses have you seen for photo backgrounds?

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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  • Michael Shobe


    We are getting into the 21st century. We have had the normal huge cloth backdrops for several decades. We purchased a large screen and now we need to find backdrops for our plays. They could be anywhere from WWII, Civil War, Medieval times, Days of King Solomon, etc. Any suggestions on where I may be able to find and/or purchase such backdrops?


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