What Every Beginner Needs to Know About Photography

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For many people photography means pictures like sunsets and vacation photos, but photos of daily life can also be valuable. Product photos are one example, and they don’t always come easy. Knowing how to shoot a good photo will not only help family photos look better, but taking good product photos for Craigslist or eBay could even help you reel in a few sales. While product photos may look simple, they actually need to convey a message and this can be a challenge. Before you pick up your camera it is important to properly set up your shot. Professional photographers use various lenses, incorporate different lighting equipment, seamless backdrops, andbackdrop support systems, as well as a camera tripod to help assure that the final product photo looks its best. One thing to avoid in photos is dust and spots, a micro fiber cloth and cleaning supplies are great for cleaning lenses. A good support system is also needed to display your product properly. Aluminum rods or even fishing line to give your product a suspended look. Lightboxes are often used, and it is fairly easy to make one using a frosted storage box and placing it on its side with a piece of white paper. You can then shine lights in through the sides. Shooting products outside on a cloudy day also has a similar effect. Since white seamless paper backdrops are most common, it’s good to have some of this on hand. Black backdrops for photography are also popular, and pair well with Plexiglas to help show the reflective properties of your product. Using a black foam core and shooting from a low angle will help enhance this. For macro photography (close-ups) need only a softbox and a single speedlight. Because the detail of the product covers the whole frame, the backdrop doesn’t really matter. It’s important to capture the detail and texture of a product to make the potential buyer feel as if he were seeing the product in person. Shooting the photo at the level of item, rather than above it helps with this. Reflective products are challenging because they reflect themselves and sometimes the photographer. Black fabric prevents this by absorbing light, and works great paired with black box or tent. Using this method, plus keeping the shot low will help you master these shots as well.

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