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What Posing Props Can Do For Your Photo Shoot | Backdrop Express

What Posing Props Can Do For Your Photo Shoot

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Baby & Child Photography, Photography Props, Studio Equipment, Studio Photography

What Posing Props Can Do For Your Photo Shoot | Backdrop Express Blog

Even though many photographers try to cut corners when it comes to purchasing posing props, it’s worth your creativity, time and money to keep a variety of these items in your studio. Props not only help you capture more appealing and interesting photographs, but they can also make your photography sessions run more smoothly. Take a look at the exact ways props can make a big difference in your photography business.

Make Babies Comfortable

If you’ve ever photographed an infant, you know that the best shots come from capturing the sweet, serene moments when babies are snoozing. So how can you make sure you’re getting interesting photographs of a slumbering subject? Enter the props. Whether it’s a bucket, a basket or several colorful hats and headbands, its best to have plenty of options for infant photography sessions so you can arrange a variety of different shots with a subject who can’t strike photography poses on her own.

HB-BGS-2Blue, Gray & Silver Headband

There’s yet another reason that props are essential for babies. To keep them snoozing, you’ll need to make sure they’re comfortable, so MCP Actions recommends investing in soft, textured blankets, faux fur and wraps that you can use for swaddling. These simple items can make the difference between a shoot that’s filled with crying and one that’s peaceful and tear-free.

Create Variety

When you’re doing portrait photography it’s important to be flexible. In many cases, you won’t know exactly what your subject plans to wear or you might be thrown for loop if he changes his mind (and color scheme) at the last minute. You ultimately want to make sure your client loves the photographs, so you should also be prepared for subjects who may not care for the backgrounds you initially recommend.

To avoid ending up with a dissatisfied client or photographs with clashing colors, make sure you invest in props and photography backdrops that come in a numerous colors and patterns.

Keep Children Happy

Children aren’t always excited and cooperative when they’re being photographed. If you want a tantrum-free studio zone, your best bet is to keep kids entertained by stocking up on toys that double as great props in photographs. Curious Photography suggests using large teddy bears or other stuffed animals if you’re taking pictures of younger children. Other great ideas include rocking horses, bubbles and alphabet blocks. Not only will these items make the shoot more fun, but they can also give children something to pay attention to and even interact with.

What Posing Props Can Do For Your Photo Shoot | Backdrop Express BlogKids Bathtub Posing Prop

Try taking advantage of the great imaginations of children by using a bathtub prop or a tea set prop and asking them to start pretending. These instructions and toys can go a long way toward helping you capture more dynamic photographs.

Tell a Story

Digital Photography School notes that a photography prop can also help you tell a story with your photographs, particularly if your settings are limited. For example, if you can’t create a full picnic spread on location at the park, simply use a picnic basket in your studio to produce a similar affect. Handing your subject a balloon will infuse a sense of whimsy into the shoot. Similarly, a few handfuls of confetti create an instant party (if you’re willing to do some cleanup afterwards).

For family portrait photography, a Twister set could elevate a dull session to a fun new level. If you’re taking photos of a graduate, give her a case of books and number props to prominently display the year she graduated.

Consider the most common moods of the photographs you typically shoot (whether celebratory, romantic or playful) and build up a supply of props that contribute to those moods.

Put Your Adult Subjects at Ease

While children and babies can be especially unpredictable, that doesn’t mean adult subjects are completely free from all photography challenges. In fact, many adults freeze up or get nervous as soon as a camera focuses on them.

man sitting on posing stool

Introducing a prop can be one of the best ways to get your adult subject to loosen up. You can try starting out with some silly props to help your subjects have fun without overthinking the photography poses. Sometimes, simply providing an object your subject can hold – like a book or a coffee mug – or something she can sit on – like a stool or posing steps – can make all the difference in getting a shot that looks perfectly natural.

Not only can a photography prop enhance your end result and create more enjoyable sessions, but it can also contribute to your personal style as a photographer. If you’ve been looking for a simple way to take your photography to the next level, try stocking up on a variety of props to give your clients the best experiences and photographs possible.

What are a few of your favorite props to use during a photo shoot? 

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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