When to Use a Plain White Background

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Photography backdrops can be a great way to add color, dimension, and personality to a picture. However, there are times when using a plain, white backdrop is the best option.

When to Use a White Background

White backgrounds are very popular for product images or when you really want your subject to “pop” from the photo. When using color, you run the risk of it bouncing back against the subject. If you inadvertently have poor lighting, the subject matter will take on the hue of their background or, worse, clash with the background. White backgrounds isolate the object, thus reducing distractions and making your product stand out in the photo. This approach is particularly effective for large items. Not only does this bring the merchandise forward in the photograph, but also it tells the photographer that this is the only way you want to present the image.

While this form of photography is fairly simple, it does have its challenges. Since the background of the image is so simple, anything you do to create dimension or emphasize a portion of the object is that much more noticeable. Things such as object placement, camera angle, and lighting become even more important since all eyes really will be on the subject.

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What Type of White Background to Use

In order to create a seamless white backdrop, you must ensure all wrinkles are gone from your background fabric or paper. If you are not conscientious about creating a smooth and wrinkle free background that is flat and clear of imperfections, you will not produce the best photography results. Using seamless background paper is probably one of the most effective and popular ways to achieve this plain and simple look.  However, if you do prefer to work with fabric, a plain white muslin or pure white vinyl backdrop can work well too.

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