Why Do You Need a Background Support System?

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Why Do You Need a Background Support System? | Backdrop Express Photography BlogPhoto by Ryan Walsh

When you are always on the go, you will need a backdrop support stand that lets you change your backdrop quickly and efficiently during photo shoots. Many photographers have a large variety of photo backgrounds and often change them out to achieve different looks and tones for their photos. If you want to experiment with various styles within a photo shoot, it is essential that you have a good backdrop support system that provides stability and convenience.  Sometimes on-site photography means dealing with a less than perfect location. Uneven floors and wall surfaces that do not allow you to tack or tape a background up present challenges for using seamless paper and muslin backdrops without a backdrop stand.

Multi-Rod Support System

When you are selecting a backdrop system for your studio, keep in mind that the equipment must be solidly built to support the heavy weight of paper rolls. Choosing a multiple polevault backdrop stand that holds multiple rolls of paper simultaneously gives you the opportunity to change color backgrounds with ease. Just roll up one and roll out the other, trimming as necessary. These systems come with one, two, three or even four bars that hang horizontally across your stand. If you routinely use the same color backgrounds, you might consider buying a system that comes with the legs, crossbars and a few different background options. Backdrop kits are available with seamless paper, muslin and vinyl material.

Multiple  Polevault Stand

Free-Standing Support System

Many studio professionals prefer muslin backdrops. If you are using muslin in your studio, working with free-standing backdrop support systems may be the best option for you. Free-standing support systems let you move your subject to different areas of your studio. Stands with an adjustable height allow more options. Using a clip kit lets you change muslin backgrounds quickly. By leaving the rings in place, you save time because your fabric is always ready to hang. Just slide the rings over the bar and put the bar in place on top of your stands.

Background support systems are available in several sizes. Smaller compact units are great for photography that involves children’s portraits or product marketing shots. Using a background system that is extra tall or extra wide gives you more options for family or group photos and tall objects. When it is time to invest in a background support system or two, you should evaluate your space, photographic style and customer base. There are many options available to you for use in the studio and on location. It is important that you buy equipment that is constructed with strong materials to support the weight of your background fabrics. Choose styles that are easy to assemble and disassemble quickly. Evaluate your storage space when deciding which equipment to buy.

female model posing for photographer on white studio backdrop

Finally, consider where and how you will use the background support systems. If you primarily use expandable backdrops for remote sessions, then you might need to add some free-standing backdrop supports. If you want to be able to change colors and fabrics quickly, a multiple polevault backdrop system may suit your needs better. Product photography does not need as large a range as group portraits. Your equipment choices should complement your photographic methods and preferences.

Do you leave your backdrops hung on your stand or store them away after a photo shoot?

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