Why Shop Muslin Backdrops?

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In our last blog post, we gave you a brief description of the different types of photo backdrops we offer on our website. Our focus now is to tell our customers all about each photography background, in hopes that everyone will understand our product the way that we do. To begin, let’s start off with our best seller backgrounds – muslin backdrops.

Muslin backdrops are made from a fabric called “muslin”.  Typically it is an unbleached or white cloth that is produced from corded cotton yarn. There are two types of muslin fabrics – one is made with a polyester blend in it and all others are 100% cotton. Backdrop Express carries the 100% cotton muslin offering a much denser weave for a long-lasting, quality photo backdrop.

Photographers prefer muslin as a backdrop because it is easy to transport and uses up very little space as compared to other backdrops. It is one of the few backdrops that does not need to be hung on a support system (although it’s recommended). However, if you choose to hang your muslin backdrop on a backdrop stand, Backdrop Express has a variety of background stands for you to choose from. Muslin is extremely light and also able to be “scrunched” up loosely into a plastic bin for storage to achieve a textured, wrinkled look.

Tip: One of the best ways to avoid any wrinkles from appearing in your photograph is to keep your subject 3-4 feet away in front of the backdrop.  This puts your subject in the main focus of the camera while the backdrop is slightly out of focus, minimizing appearance of wrinkles.

woman laying on muslin backdrop with blanket

Several of our muslin backdrops are custom painted, giving them a personal touch of their very own. These backdrops are available in many different colors and styles such as Hand-Painted Muslin, Crushed & Mottled Muslin, Reversible MuslinSolid Color Muslin and Premium Heavyweight Muslin, etc..

Why do photographers love muslin backdrops for portraits?

Well, there are two reasons. First, as stated above, muslin is easily transportable and can be successfully used even with “wrinkles”.  To get back to that wrinkle-free look you can easily steam the backdrop and it smoothens out quickly for that wrinkle-free look.

Secondly, a muslin backdrop is ideal for photographers looking for that unique, rich look of old world texture.  Since muslin is known for its ability to absorb light, your photo has a much softer glow.

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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