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Why Should You Use a Canvas Backdrop? | Backdrop Express Blog

Why Should You Use a Canvas Backdrop?

Written by Backdrop Express Photography Team on . Posted in Photography Backdrops

blue skies canvas backdrop

Amateur and professional photographers know the value of a quality photo backdrop. They are used for providing a predictable background, controlling light, drawing attention to the particular subject, and much more. When photographers are looking for quality backdrops to use either in a studio or out on-site, they are often faced with many choices of material. Canvas makes an excellent choice for photographers in a variety of situations. Here are some areas to consider when deciding if a canvas backdrop is the best choice for a particular situation.

What Makes Canvas Backdrops Unique?

A canvas background is made from a heavy duty material that blocks out background light very well. Many canvases are also available for hand painting, either by the photographer or another professional, which makes them entirely unique to the individual. The heavy texture also makes it ideal for particularly designed backgrounds such as classic clouds or old world plaster walls. They work very well for portrait photography.

They are considered to be the highest quality material available and they are extremely long lasting and durable. They should be stored by hanging straight to keep them ready to use and they can serve for years to come. Cleaning is also quite simple, as most of the time spot treatment with a damp sponge will take care of any dirt. It is important to remember, however, not to apply water to hand painted canvas.


Photo by Ryan Walsh

When are Canvas Backdrops the Perfect Solution?


Professional, or even amateur, photographers who are interested in adding a photo background for long term use should definitely consider investing in a canvas backdrop. While they do cost more upfront, they are designed to last for years with little maintenance, which makes them a great choice for those who are looking for something that is durable.

In a Studio

Canvas backdrops are also fantastic for those who do extensive work inside a studio. Although they are portable for those who prefer to work on location, the canvas is designed to work especially well with areas with lots of light and bright flashes. Those working out of a studio should not have any difficulty creating this scenario. The thick material of the canvas also ensures that backlight is not able to seep through, which is vital for portrait photography.


Since the canvas material can often be hand painted with various gels and fabric paints, they are also a great choice for those who enjoy using their creative talents to create a truly one of a kind photo background. Using a photography backdrop that has been personally designed or touched up is an excellent way to ensure that no other studio or photographer can reproduce the image.


Textured Background

Canvas is also known for its ability to recreate the appearance of old style plaster walls, clouds, and similar textured scenes. Those who are interested in photographing subjects in these types of scenes may also find it beneficial to invest in the material so they can capture the image they are going for much easier.

Canvas backdrops provide photographers with outstanding quality, which will last for years with proper care. They can work well for both amateurs and professionals alike as they are straightforward to care for and produce outstanding results.

-Backdrop Express Photography Team

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